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CalculatorScientific Calculator Copyright Information
read BEFORE you copy photos, graphics, or text from the Internet
IMPORTANT NOTE:    For a limited time, the Illinois State Board of Education has a contract with Microsoft permitting students and staff members of Illinois K-12 schools to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Professional for $85.  This package includes Access, Communicator, Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.  You must be able to prove you are a student or staff member (you can use a copy of a report card or a copy of an ID card).  Go here to order

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, General Reference and Help
good free encyclopedia
Columbia Encyclopedia

good free encyclopedia
IPLInternet Public Library
EXCELLENT; YOUTH section [age 4-11] or TEEN section [11+]
almanac and encyclopedia
Excellent Reference Site!
dictionary, thesaurus,  enclyclopedia, and more
Awesome Library
Excellent Site!
organized by subject area
Encyclopedias in
Specific Subject Areas
music, myths, etc.
good source:  dictionaries, thesaurus, maps,  translator, acronyms and more
good source; check main page, Reference Tools  
or Quick Reference 
Virtual Learning
Resource Center

Good Site
High School Hub
homework help, reference tools, study guides

GREAT SITE:  extensive reference resources:  biographies (alphabetical list at top), dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
download and print study guides in all areas; good for literary summaries
Homework Help
advertises "If you can't find it here, then you just
can't find it;" from Discovery
FL Resources
Foreign Language Resources
Dictionary, Thesaurus,
Word of the Day, Word Games; hear pronunciation
Webster's Collegiate plus  foreign language, grammar, thesaurus, and more
Webster's Unabridged, Roget's Thesaurus, F.A.Q.
Bulfinch's Mythology Hypertext Webster Quotations Home Page
(by Topic or Author)
Here's another source for quotes. Find by author or key word.
Brewer's Dictionary
of Phrase & Fable
Encyclopaedia Mythology Acronyms, Abbreviations
Encyclopedia Mythica Crossword Dictionary Bible Gateway
Greek Mythology Translating Dictionary  
Project Gutenberg
FREE electronic versions of
more than 20,000 books
Acronym Finder Dept of Defense
Dictionary of Military Terms
GRAPHICS:  photographs, clip art, historical images for reports, papers, and web pages; most free for "educational purposes," but check each site for permission
Classroom Clip Art
Microsoft Office Design Gallery
Discover School's Clip Art Gallery
Great for Reports!  (free, but some require permission)

Math and Science
(Also see the math and science pages under "Teacher Resources")

Math Resources
GOOD SITE!  instant solutions to problems; plus practical math and solving equations
Dr. Math
Chemicool Periodic Table
plus chemical calculators
online periodic table
SOS Math
GOOD SITE!  tables, examples, explanations; by category
Manipula Math with Java
graphical JAVA applets to
demonstrate math concepts
(middle school to college)
 World of Science
physics, chemistry, astronomy reference plus
World of Scientific Biography
derivatives and integrals done with step-by-step explanation
download FREE graphing calculator for your computer
Science Dictionaries
lists of science and math dictionaries by area Math Tables
lots of help:  formulas, theorems, proofs; download entire site for offline viewing
general resources for math
 Math League Help Topics
help resource for grades 4-8
math review and help with
problem solving
physics and astronomy reference
Math Resources
automated, solves equations, algebra and calc problems
equations, constants, SI units, symbols, unit conversions
Time and
current time in major cities, time zone map; print a calendar for any year 
Online Conversion
convert just about any
measure to any other
CalculatorScientific Calculator
online calculator
convert engineering, scientific Units
Convert Roman Numerals
convert Arabic to Roman or Roman to Arabic numerals,
also convert dates
Online Conversions and Constants
convert physical property
and physical data/constants
Measure 4 Measure
calculate, and evaluate"
from "angular velocity"
to "wind chill"
Metric Conversion Calculators How Many?
Units of Measurement Dictionary
converts into different units and unit systems
Calculator City
30+ online calculators:  math,
algebra, geometry, physics,
chemistry, financial, fun stuff
Calculators On-Line center
unit conversions, agriculture, cooking, calendars, scientific
calculators for home, office, school, business, science, hobbies, etc.

Social Studies
(Also see the social studies page under "Teacher Resources")

28,000+  notable people; search by name, keyword, or birth date
20,000 past and present biographies by A&E Network
basic info on US
The World Factbook
GREAT RESOURCE: info and stats on countries, maps,
flags, etc. from the C.I.A.
online index of 100+
Federal agencies
Portals to the World
"authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and
other areas of the world" (from the Library of Congress)
American Fact Finder
good data source; search by state, county, city or town

Fast Facts:  Almanacs, Factbooks, Reports
 facts, statistics on a wide variety of areas; scroll down page to subject index
Census Bureau
home page
Statistical Abstract of the United States
NATIONAL DATA BOOK; Census Bureau statistics
 on US plus selected  international data
US Census Bureau Gazetteer
easily find census data or map
good site; facts and statistics on Illinois and US; lots of statistical data plus download Illinois maps; site sponsored by Northern Illinois University
current legislative info from the Library of Congress
US Gov't Document Search

US Gov Printing Office
Document Search
History Net Internet History Source Books Project
excellent source from Fordham University; history source material by category
Distance Calculator
uses US Census Bureau data to find distance between almost any two places in the world
print out your own map
International Mapquest
Color Landform Atlas
of the US

great color maps by state
Map Machine
historical maps from National Geographic
Xpeditions Atlas
"printer-friendly" black and white maps to print or copy
Map Library
outline maps of US states with various info
Perry-Castaņeda Maps
many maps in many categories
Geographic Name Thesaurus
find almost any geographic name
Search Systems
searchable public record data; sorted by state/region
50 States and Capitals
Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes
go to "CONSTITUTION AND CODES" for US Constitution and statutes plus STATE CONSTITUTIONS, statutes, and related information state by state
Illinois State Constitution
text only

Grammar and Writing Resources
(Also see the language arts page under "Teacher Resources")

Online Writing
from SIUC; links to online resources; helpful handouts such as "Writing a Research Paper" and "Using MLA Documentation"
Bartlett's Quotations, Roget's Thesaurus,  Bulfinch Mythology, Brewer Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Gray's Anatomy, King James Bible, Oxford Shakespeare and more
Online Writing Lab
Online Writing Lab

75 "Handouts" are useful (use search feature at top of page to find help)
MLA Examples
lots of examples on how to document your sources
MLA Bibliography Style
examples of bibliographies; part of Writers' Workshop
 Writer's Guide
good help with grammar and documenting a paper
Elements of Style
Strunk's Grammar and Usage
Project Gutenberg
FREE electronic versions of
more than 20,000 books
create bibliographies using MLA standards
Create a Bibliography
type in the info; then copy and paste the bibliography entry
How to Cite Electronic Sources
for research papers; useful examples at bottom
11 Rules of Writing
avoid these common mistakes
Paradigm Writing Assistant
good resource on the
writing process
Guide to Grammar & Writing
useful, detailed grammar guide plus review quizzes
Hot Paper Topics
"accurate, objective info on controversial issues"
Spelling100 Most Often Misspelled Words in English
Spelling100 Most Often Mispronounced Words in English
Common Errors in English
common problems alphabetically

Literature Resources
(Also see the language arts page under "Teacher Resources")

download most works in public domain 
The Online Books Page
13000+ listings; banned books; women writers, much more
Literary Resources
links to info mostly on English and American lit
Perspectives in American Lit
research and reference guide
Literary Criticism Collection
Internet Public Library
Mr. William Shakespeare
and the Internet

read intro; list of online Shakespeare resources
Shakespeare Online
complete plays, scene-by-scene plot summary, essays, and more
Oxford Shakespeare
complete works (full text) of Shakespeare
Grade Saver Novel Guides
analysis and summaries for
many commonly taught works
Need a quote for a paper?
Quotations Home Page
(by Topic or Author)
find by author or key word

Fine Arts
(Also see the Fine Arts page under "Teacher Resources")

Ask Joan of Art
American art only; specialists
"will try to respond to  your
question within ... 14 days"
The WebMuseum, Paris
US mirror site; click on "Artist 
Index" to find artist or work
The Artchive
lots of artists and their works; click on "Artchive" for individual artists
National Gallery of Art Art History Resources
lots of info mostly 
on ancient or prehistoric art
World Art Treasures
     art throughout history; many good images
 The Louvre
world's most famous museum
Art & Design
from the Smithsonian
Internet Public Library
Fine Arts Section
Teacher Resources Page
Student Resources Page

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